It’s no secret that Shopify is quickly becoming the most popular ecommerce platform among businesses of all sizes. It’s easy to use, can be scaled up quickly, has hundreds of themes to choose from and is fully customizable with the help of it’s app store. These days over a million businesses from a variety of industries create sophisticated & successful ecommerce stores.

The beauty of Shopify is that users can make it anything they want it to be. Chances are, if you can dream it, there’s a theme or app already developed to help you achieve it. So if you’re looking for inspiration for your own ecommerce store. Check out some of our favourite websites using Shopify

Top Shopify Ecommerce Brands

1. Allbirds

New Zealand natives Tim Brown and Zoey Zwillinger co-founded Allbirds in 2014 with a mission to put natural materials and sustainability first. Allbirds shoes are a combination of comfort and consciousness which is beautifully communicated on their Shopify website.

Allbirds is a true Shopify success story with an enviable bounce rate of only 37% and monthly visitors of up to 1,340,830. Using tools such as Hotjar & Visual Web Optimizer and Shopify apps like Yotpo & Mixpanel, Allbirds has created an impactful Shopify ecommerce store that confidently tells its sustainable story.

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2. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a powerhouse, affordable fashion brand, loved & tirelessly searched by women & men all over the world. In 2018 they were the #1 most-searched fashion brand on Google & in 2019 hit $400 million in revenue. Located in Los Angeles and with only 5 bricks and mortar locations in Southern California, Fashion Nova grew to it’s remarkable success with it’s Shopify Plus website.

Surprisingly, Fashion Novas desktop & mobile usability doesn’t stack up to their competitors. However, what they lack in site functionality, they make up for with their marketing tactics. Fashion Nova is known for its inclusive clothing ranges, stellar social media presence and incredible relationship with it’s customers. Using Shopify apps such as Klaviyo, Yotpo, Shopable Instagram, Shop Message & Adroll Retargeting and personalisation tools such as Nosto, Fashion Nova has won a dedicated customer that keeps coming back.

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3. I Saw It First

A one-stop-shop for a new generation of stylish females, I Saw It First’s philosophy is ‘see it first & wear it first’. Founded in only 2017, this online retailer uses Shopify to solve the ‘nothing to wear’ dilemma for thousands of women all over the world. I Saw It First is dedicated to their customer and attributes their success as one of the leading forces in the UK’s fast-fashion landscape to creating a strong relationship with their style-obessed customer. They show up in all aspects of their customers lives, from collaborating with global icons and parting with world-famous TV shows such as Love Island.

I Saw It Firsts Shopify website has a sleek and feminine design. It encourages the customer to scroll through endless possabilities to find their perfect look and perfectly brings their social experience to life on their website with the use of the Shopable Instragram App. They are a true omnichannel retailer making use of a creative loyalty program with Shopify App Smile and promoting their PR, events & competitions all throughout their website..

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4. ColourPop

Established in 2014 by Seed Beauty, ColurPop prides itself on producing high-quality makeup for an affordable price. Makeup artists and lovers flock to the brand to buy items in bulk without the hefty price tag of similar quality brands. Year after year the Shopify website has increased sales and popularity, taking the top spot of ‘Most Popular Beauty Brand Online’ in the United States in 2019.

ColourPops Shopify Website uses a simple design with a feminine colour palette. It’s site structure allows the customer to drill down to find the exact item they’re looking for, product reviews build trust with their customers and the simple icons help define their products for an easy shopping experience. They use some of the most popular Shopify apps on their website such as Klaviyo, Yotpo, Shopable Instagram & more.

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5. Morphe

Not just your average beauty brand, Morphe was born in 2008 among artists and creatives. Starting with their cult makeup brushes Morphe flourished into a bold, baddass makeup brand creating eyeshadow palettes, lip-colours and more. Their passion is pushing the boundaries of mainstream makeup and celebrating individuality.

Morphe is one of Shopifys greatest success stories, harnessing all the possabilities Shopify has to offer, to create a truly unique experience. They have created Shopify storefronts for each country they sell to, letting them tailor the site to individual shopping trends in each market and increase trust by showing delivery details and prices specific to where the customer lives.

Using their Shopify ecommerce store they have learnt how their consumers behave on their website and provide them with various ways of shopping depending on the customer preference. For example, visual customers can choose their shade from a swatch whereas customers who are repeat shoppers can simply choose their shade from a drop down list.

And they are by far one of the leading Shopify brands using video and movement on their website. Often using videos on their homepage and within their product pages.

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6. Staples

Founded in the 80’s, and thanks to it’s new beginnings with Shopify in 2017 Staples is well on it’s way to record sales. This household name supplies office goods to the every day American, from home office furniture, computers and stationary. Their motto is ‘That Was Easy’ completely encompassing what the brand is all about, an easy shopping experience no matter what.

Since their replatform with Shopify, Staples they have hit all-time sales records during Cyber Weekend, had no performance issues during COVID-19 and now have the ability to run 4x more online sales promotions per day.

They use Shopify favourite apps Klaviyo, Mixpanel & Zopin, and tools such as Hotjar & Segment. And attribute much of their new online success to the flexibility of Shopify Plus, taking advantage of Shopify perks such as updating banners, pages, purchase flows and more at the click of a button.

With a huge catalog, Staples utilizes the flexibility of Shopifys catalog pages to include endless filtering options. Product pages provide every detail a customer could ask for when making a purchase decision, from delivery details, reviews, specifications and promotions.

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