Is Gymshark using Shopify?

Yes, Gymshark is using Shopify and they are in Shopify Plus plan.

The theme they are using is call Hydra and its a custom theme created by their development team or external agency.


Gymshark Is A Fitness Apparel & Accessories Brand, Manufacturer And Online Retailer Based In The United Kingdom, Supported By Millions Of Highly Engaged Social Media Followers And Customers In 131 Countries. Created In 2012 By Teenager Ben Francis And A Group Of His High-School Friends. Gymshark Has Grown From A Screen Printing Operation In A Garage, Into One Of The Fastest Growing And Most Recognisable Brands In Fitness. This Growth Comes From A Devotion To Producing Innovative, Effective Performance Wear And An Ever-Expanding Social Presence, And Above All A Commitment To The Gymshark Vision: Before There Is An Action, There Is An Idea. We Exist To Create The Tools That Help People Unlock Their Full, Incredible Potential And Put Their Ideas Into Action. Be All That You Imagined You Could Be. Be A Visionary.

Design / Inspiration Highlight Desktop



Gymshark header are divided into 3 parts. The User account, Blog, Newsletter and Blog, Help and Country are located on the top left. In the middle, its the standarded Logo, Navigation, Wishlist and Cart. At the bottom, it is the sitewide banner.

Navigation Menu


Gymshark had a navigation that have the navigation dropdown in the center of the page. When user hover on the main category, a dropdown will appear with different subcategories such as Trending, Product and Collections. This provide a better user experiences for customer to browser through different categories.

Also under each Main category, the featured block is located to the right, which create less distrcation for to the user to find the link they need. The feature block are divided into 2 sub blocks.

Collection Page

Gymshark Collection Page Gymshark Colleciton Footer

The collection header is very clear, it have a main collection categories with a sub collection categories. As well as a short description of the collection. Also a longer collection descriptions is located just above the footer. This is mainly for SEO purpose. As you dont want user scroll down the page to see the product once they land on the collection page.

Gymshark Algolia Colleciton Page

Gymshark use Algolia to search and filter their products. So the collection page is created on top of Algolia services. The filters are located right above the main section of the page. Underneath the filter are the products in this collection seperated by tabs. When user click on different tab, it will call Algolia service to get the query of the products

Gymshark Colleciton Grid

The design of the template is 5x5 grid with the wishlist button on the top right. Some product with special feature will have a transparent text at the bottom of the image. Also their sales tag is located outside the image.

SEO Details / Ranking

According to ShopifySpy, Gymshark is currently ranked as the 7th Shopify store globally.

With around 5.33 millions follower in their Instagram.

KITH currently have 90,400 pages listed in Google.

Homepage Meta description

The meta description in the homepage included the categories available in the store

Gymshark Official Store | Activewear & Gym Clothes | Gymshark

Shop Gymshark men's & women's gym clothing, exclusively online. Enjoy lasting quality, supreme comfort & the perfect fit. Free delivery on orders over $120.

Collection Page Meta description

The meta description in the collection page included the brands and types avilable in the store

Gym Bags | Backpacks, Duffel & Holdalls - Gymshark

Products 1 - 48 of 48 — Pack all the essentials. Browse our wide range of gym bags now. Including duffle bags, totes, backpacks and more, our bags are all you ...

Product Page Meta description

The meta description in the product page included the product description, styles and color of the product

Gymshark Arrival Shorts - Black

Train freely and purposefully in the Arrival 7” Shorts. With a lightweight, sweat-wicking material and supportive adjustable waistband, you can trust that these

Search Result Page

Gymshark seo serp

The search result of the keyword gymshark doesn't come up with a lots of results. But when you try to search for their product e.g Gymshark Shorts. it will come up with different type of Gymshark Shorts Thumbnail.

Technical Details

Gymshark website speed is loading at the same speed to an average Shopify site.

The Largest Contenful Paint (LCP) has not passed the Google Core Web Vitals Metrics in the main pages (Homepage, Collection, Product Display Pages).

Gymshark is not using Headless Shopify, however it is using Shopify Online Store 2.0 architecture.

For product search and collection page, it is integrate with Algolia App.

The image slider carousels in the product page is by Flickity.

Most of the css is written in Tailwind CSS.

Gymshark host their javascript/ assets in their own CDN server.

Their legacy page use Slick slider.

Mobile App

Gymshark does not have a mobile app for their shopping experience, but they have a seperate Gymshark training app, which is not link to their stores.